7 simple steps to find new students.

👀 How do I find new students?
👀 How do I find new students?

Do you have the capacity to teach more music students? You enjoy teaching music and your students are happy with you, but you are not able to find new students?

Here are 7 useful tips for successful marketing by music teachers to find new students.

1) 💪 Describe your offer: “Who, What, When, Where, and Why?”

Use keywords to draw a text that suits your personality.

For example:

“My name is Toni, graduated guitarist from Lübeck.”

I have been teaching electric bass for over 5 years.

Due to online classes, I am flexible in my schedule between Monday and Thursday.

I love drone metal, that’s why I am offering specialized lessons for it. Let’s rock!”

Find your personal touch! Your text should advertise you, but more importantly, it should be an authentic impression of you to show your new students who you are.

2) 🎯 Outline your student target group.

Who are you going to teach? Plus: Who else is interested in your classes?

Therefore, answer the following questions:

  1. How old are my potential new students?
  2. Where do my potential new students live? Would I also like to teach online internationally? If so – where?
  3. What are my students’ interests? (Music, culture, media, culinary arts, purchasing behavior?)

Where could I meet them? Concert venues, Facebook, music school?
(think online as well as offline!)

Knowing who is interested in your offer is just as essential as knowing what your offer includes when finding new students. When it comes to marketing for musicians, it pays to think outside the box. Try to understand who is interested in your lessons. And also: whose interest could potentially be attracted to become your student.

3) 🎉 Create a variety of flyers.

  1. Create a flyer for Facebook and Instagram.
    To find new students you must have a personal appearance. Use a picture of yourself and your instrument. The headline names your offer, for example, “Music theory for children”.

    a) your name
    b) your profile name and
    c) at what times you would like to give lessons.

    For the caption, always use a more detailed text that you have prepared at the beginning.

    Mention and tag @sirius.video here as well and briefly explain that you are working with a professional video conferencing system that provides excellent sound, the highest data protection, and the easiest handling. 🙌 We’ll repost your post!
  1. Create a flyer for Whatsapp.
    Use the same flyer, but also mention your phone number instead of your profile name. This lowers the barrier to write to you, because it is easy and directly from the cell phone.
  2. Create a flyer that can be sent by email.
    For musicians’ marketing, good mailings are essential! It also gives new students the chance to ask questions without obligation and directly get in touch. Often neighborhood associations have email distribution lists, which are a great way to become better known.
  3. Create a paper flyer to place, display, and distribute in concert venues, music/college venues, etc.

4) 📣 Tell everyone! Show yourself!

Now it’s time for actual marketing: Make yourself visible.

🧭 Post your flyer on Facebook and Instagram on a regular schedule (e.g. 1x per month).

🔍 Get in touch with potential students by searching for their interests: You would like to teach your new students only Goldberg Variations? Look up who is a fan of Glenn Gould on social media (e.fg. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube) and get in touch.

🖐 Search for any relevant Facebook groups and post your flyer there. Also, go to the SIRIUS Facebook group “Online Music Lessons” and post your offer.

📡 Create a broadcast on Whatsapp – the more beautiful, funny, and catchy your flyer, the higher the probability of being forwarded. Warning: Don’t annoy your contacts with too many broadcasts.

💌 Send a professional email including your flyer and address each recipient personally. Ask for forwarding and also offer an added value (something nice) for the (maybe not interested) recipient. Combine your class offer with for example a concert tip or an invitation. 

🏃 Place your paper flyers. Send them, distribute them, stick them – the more attractive the flyer for your target group, the more it will be spread. (Here it’s not about the size, but about the impression of the flyer: it can be as small as a business card.)

5) 🎁 Offer a bonus to new students.

Music lessons are a personal case. Therefore, offer short free trial sessions. Arrange a short video meeting of 20 minutes, where you and your new students can get to know each other.

Prepare a small mini etude that is fun and teases your students’ interest. This way you get to know interesting and potential new students.

6) 🤗 Show interest in your potential students.

Show that you are passionate about giving lessons. Send this simple survey after your first lesson and ask for feedback until the next lesson. This way you can learn a lot about your new students and their musical goals. You will have a good basis for a conversation basis and you will get to know each other.

Download a free survey with interesting questions for your old and new students.

7) ♻️ Promote each other!

Talk to your contacts who also teach and suggest a flyer exchange. Don’t worry: you won’t get in each other’s way – on the contrary, you will enrich your communities and both will benefit.

A common marketing strategy is a referral program, where you recommend other people to join your program. Set a small bonus that you pay for each new student that has been referred to each other.

By the way: SIRIUS also offers such a referral program.

8) 🤩 Paid Advertisement.

Of course, you can promote your expertise and offer on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore you need a free meta-business account. Set a budget, define your target group as precisely as possible (see point 2.), and specify it with your Facebook business manager.

Make sure that your ad runs for at least 10 days to address the right target group. The algorithm needs some time to recognize your target audience and show your offer to the right people. It is important to monitor your target audience after the first run and adjust it if necessary.

Run an ad at least 3 times: constant dripping wears the stone.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to create Facebook ads: Video Link

These are our SIRIUS marketing tips to find new music students.

Show yourself and your expertise and actively reach out to new students.
Try to exchange ideas and find new students!

Have fun teaching music online!

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