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9 arguments for online teaching

How do I convince students & parents about online teaching?
How do I convince students & parents about online teaching?

Do you look at skeptical faces when suggesting music lessons online? Do you get comments like “Well, we had enough of online teaching during Covid!” or “Oh no, that’s too complex for me.”? Maybe that is the time you should tell them, that students usually learn faster in a comfortable environment and with their own instrument.

Of course, we missed face-to-face classes during the pandemic.
Well, sure, it’s nice to be able to help hands-on with the fingering.
Of course, playing music together is the goal of all musicians.

But isn’t it fantastic when classes take place regardless of a slight illness, vacations, a semester abroad, bad weather or not having a car? Or with your favorite teacher who might not live in your neighborhood?

Easily demonstrate the benefits of online teaching for the student and the parents.

1. “I work with a video conferencing system optimized for teaching music online. It’s called SIRIUS and it’s designed for online music teaching. It has much higher sound quality than systems such as zoom & co, which are developed for the spoken word.”

👉 What is SIRIUS? A blog article that simply summarises the video conferencing system optimized for good sound.

2. “You don’t need to download anything for online lessons because it simply runs in your Chrome browser. I even have a tuner and metronome there and can easily share sheet music or recordings in the chat.”                                                                                                            

3. “Privacy that is compliant with DSGVO. It is important because we specifically don’t want the student’s personal data to be hosted on unknown servers.”                     

4. “Online teaching is just as valuable and purposeful as face-to-face teaching. I adapt my lessons to the online format and the setup to meet the needs of the student. Explaining posture and interpretation with words even has the advantage that the student develops a deeper understanding and feeling for the instrument.”

👉 Find out what the reason is for SIRIUS’s brilliant sound quality. The SIRIUS Sound Quality

5. “The student stays directly at the instrument after the online lesson and continues practicing. There’s no packing up and no hassle of going home, so the student can seamlessly continue the lesson for themselves. I give the corresponding task at the end of the lesson, so my students continue practicing directly after the lesson 😉. The advantage is that the newly learned material can be applied immediately.”

6. “You save the travel and precious time”.


7. “By teaching online, fewer classes are getting canceled – continuity in learning the instrument is one of the most important aspects. Regularity increases learning success and helps the student to stay engaged and motivated!”

8. “More musical development through additional feedback sessions during the week. Optionally, the student can connect for short sessions via the video tool during the week. This way, the student can show what progress he or she has made after 3 days and receives direct feedback on whether this is going in the right direction. This way, the week is divided into smaller and goal-oriented learning steps.”


9.  “Why don’t you take a look while we are having an online class? I’m sure we can play something nice for you.”

Show parents and students the simplicity of the video conferencing tool.
Convince them that all data is safe.
Demonstrate together with your student the improvements you are making.
Talk about the stress aspect and convince them that online lessons are a very relaxing way to learn in a familiar environment and with your own instrument.
Offer the possibility of additional mini-sessions so musical development does not get stuck.
Include parents in online music lessons from time to time.

Take the parents’ concerns. Make them participate. 🎶


What is SIRIUS?

The SIRIUS Sound Quality

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