The voice and the pressure to perform

Singing is one of the most beautiful forms of expression of the human voice. Whether we sing in a choir, perform on stage, or simply hum our favourite songs while taking a shower – singing makes us happy and connects us with other people. But unfortunately, the pressure to perform can affect our pleasure in […]

The Online Marketing Concept for Music Schools

In today’s digital world, online marketing is an essential component for the success of music schools.Online marketing has become increasingly complex in recent years, with new opportunities and trends emerging and new social networks arriving, causing changes to the rules for the “new media”. Older disciplines such as search engine optimization and email marketing have […]

My students are not practicing, what can I do? – PART 2

It’s not easy to make students enjoy learning an instrument. Andi Rohde (drum teacher, movement science BA and music educator) can tell you a thing or two about that. In part 1 of our blog entry, we gave you 3 tips on how to motivate your students. In part 2 we will go into some […]

Music School Baunatal in Germany

“What’s the best thing about SIRIUS?” and 4 other questions for Joachim Arndt, who runs an innovative music school in Germany.