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Excellent Sound Quality

Conventional video conferencing systems are optimized for business meetings. But SIRIUS is specifically developed to optimize sound quality of musical instruments and singing. The sound is transmitted uncompressed and at high bitrates without using filters such as auto-gain or noise suppression.

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High Data Security

Data privacy is a top priority for us. We believe that online music lessons should always take place in a safe space. So SIRIUS fully complies with GDPR. All content is encrypted and hosted on secure servers in Germany.

Tools for Music Teaching

Our integrated music-specific tools enable a professional teaching experience. Use the tuner to tune your instrument and practice your intonation. The metronome helps you to work on your tempo. Share your screen and use the chat to take notes.

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Features you will love


No joke! SIRIUS is 100% GDPR-compliant. We take privacy and security seriously.

Made for music

SIRIUS is made for musicians by musicians. High bitrate for audio, low latency, no audio-filters.


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What other musicians are saying.

Foto Joel Quarrington

Joel Quarrington
Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

“When I first started SIRIUS up, the sound was really outstanding, much better than Zoom or anything else. I have to do at least 30 hours a week of online teaching so this is a real game changer for me.”

Foto Ulrike Dinslage

Ulrike Dinslage

“Using SIRIUS is fantastic – it’s easy to use and I heard every single note clearly. My student uses his own laptop at home and we were able to start SIRIUS without any problems.”

Foto Stefan Jezierski

Stefan de Leval Jezierskí
Berliner Philharmoniker

“SIRIUS gives me the opportunity to teach my horn students all over the world online. With my professional setup at home, I achieve excellent sound quality whether the students are in Asia, America or Berlin.”

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